The Eden Project recalls poisonous bracelets


Attraction’s gift shop sold toxic seeds as jewellery for a year.

Cornish eco tourist attraction The Eden Project has had to recall thousands of bracelets after it discovered that the jewellery had been made using a poisonous seed.

The gift shop at The Eden Project had been selling the strung seed bracelet for about a year without realising that it was dangerous. It is now issuing a complete recall of the item after one of its staff identified the toxic seeds.

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The bracelets are made using seeds from the plant Abrus precatorius that contain a toxic poison called abrin, which can be fatal when digested, even if just a small amount. Digestion of the seeds may cause vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhoea.

The Eden Project is offering full refunds for all bracelets returned to it for safe disposal.

The bracelets were made in Peru and distributed in the UK by wholesalers Rainstick Trading. The bracelets were also sold by 36 other retailers in the UK. 

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