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The Guild of Jewellery Designers calls for collaboration to give industry ‘better voice’


The Guild of Jewellery Designers (GJD) has called for more collaboration between the many jewellery and associated trades organisations in order to better the industry.

GJD has invited all relevant organisations to join it on a new purpose-built platform, where it hopes members will voice issues they have found in the industry.

It also said it hopes the project will afford users the opportunity to put forward new ideas to help promote and grow the trades and its members in light of the effects of the global pandemic and foreign imports.

The platform will aim to offer trade members marketing and promotional incentives.

Representatives from each organisation would meet online in private social media groups or by conference calls to discuss issues raised by members to assess ways that they can help.

The idea is not for organisations to combine into one group, GJD said. Each organisation will still retain its own personality, agendas and members as normal, but resources are combined to benefit members of all organisations.

Ways organisations can contribute is to offer their expertise to the group in areas of training, event planning and creating a route for members to get online quickly to make more sales.

Interested groups and organisations are asked to contact Alan Hardwick of the Guild of Jewellery Designers for more information.


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