The importance of fashion to retail jewellers


Founder and managing director of DMJ Darren McCormick explores

Fashion dominates our lives through media, culture and retail. For me, fashion and jewellery have always coincided.

Jewellery can either compliment or complete an outfit, and consumers are becoming ever more aware of the importance of the accessory. Affordable high street fashion brands have allowed a wider range of consumers to become fashion savvy, regardless of their budget, and have helped create a demanding, fashion led market.

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Clearly, it would be in the interests of jewellers to jump on the fashion band wagon and showcase their ability to adapt to this new market. The alternating seasons should not be feared, as the right brands and products can adapt to changing trends whilst retaining quality. DMJ’s exclusive trend report, set for an Autumn/Winter 2010 release, uses our expertise within the industry to help retailers envisage the link between fashion and jewellery. It highlights the connection between the latest trends and specific products, demonstrating that jewellers can satisfy the customer’s fashion needs.

Recently, we have seen increasing numbers of women buying for themselves and loved ones. These women are more likely to spend if they can link their purchase to the latest trends, or red carpet celebrities, such as Kara Tointon. Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to be the fashion envy of their friends?

Growing numbers of young people have also been defying the recession and continuing to spend. If jewellers can embrace fashion and thus attract a wider demographic, I feel jewellers would benefit from an increase in sales. This could be achieved via composable brands like Spinning Jewellery and Storywheels. They enable consumers of all ages to articulate the latest style themselves, whilst giving them the level of individual choice they strive for. Composable brands also target all consumers without compromising quality and have proved to be very popular.

It must be pointed out that this article by no means aims to turn jewellers into mass market machines, indeed the charm of an independent is something we cherish here at DMJ. It simply aims to provide food for thought. There is no doubt that fashion plays a major role in modern life, and consumers are becoming more aware of what is ‘in vogue’ and what they want. I strongly believe that with the support of high quality fashion brands, jewellers will be able to service every demographic whilst maintaining their prestige and history. Using their unrivalled customer service to relay modern interests, they can attract new customers and keep all their consumers coming back for a lifetime.

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