TV shopping channel adds two hours and will now air from 6am to 2am.

By Deepa Narwani

UK TV shopping channel The Jewellery Channel will extend its on-air hours this month, increasing its selling time beyond midnight for the first time.


The retail channel, which airs on Freeview, will now sell jewellery on air from 6am until 2am. Previously it was on air from 6am to midnight. 

TJC chief executive officer Sri Burugapalli said: “We are always striving to enhance the shopping experience we offer our customers. With the update to our Freeview TV scheduling, we have taken another step towards ensuring gem fans have every opportunity to buy the beautiful jewellery creations they’ve always dreamt of.”

The Jewellery Channel was launched in 2006 and sells jewellery through a mix of direct retail and auctions.