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The Jewellery Channel reviews customer feedback

Rings from The Jewellery Channel

Television and online retailer announces changes to buying process

The Jewellery Channel has reviewed its customer feedback in a drive to continue improving their website and tv jewellery sales.

As part of an ongoing campaign to become the United Kingdom’s go-to destination for consumers to buy jewellery through both television and online channels, The Jewellery Channel chose to review feedback from customers to see where improvements or changes could be made.

Findings from The Jewellery Channel reviews have found that many find the prospect of buying jewellery online somewhat of a daunting prospect, as they may not always be clear of their rights to return any items that do nor meet their discerning tastes.

The Jewellery Channel has responded by offering special assurance and protection to all customers by allowing them to return any items within 30 days as long as the jewellery is unworn, a commitment which comes under the Distance Selling Regulations. 

For its online sales, The Jewellery Channel reviews also found that online shoppers wanted complete reassurance with respect to security when shopping online. As a result The Jewellery Channel has bolstered that all transactions online are carried out through a secure shopping platform. The Jewellery Channel’ss website also requires registration and subsequent login by first time and repeat customers looking to buy jewellery online.

To further help improve customer services and response, The Jewellery Channel has made its full contact details available including telephone numbers, full address, online forms and emails to accommodate customer needs.

The Jewellery Channel has said it is "committed to improving [its] service and as part of this process will continue to carry out customer reviews, seek feedback and poll the opinions of customers."

Customers have also been contacted to find out which particular items or designers they would like to see both online and on television via The Jewellery Channel. 

The Jewellery Channel was launched on 4th April 2006. It is said to sell the world’s widest variety of gemstones, and is part of the only 8 site-holders to the Tanzanite One mine. The Jewellery Channel is broadcast to more than 20million homes in the UK and Republic of Ireland and is affiliated to The British Jewellers Association (BJA), The Jewellers Board of Trade, International Colored Gemstone Association and Thai Gem & Jewelry Traders Association.



  1. Some days ago I returned some earrings one of which was broken and a pearl necklace which was too tightly strung. Even though I sent recorded and the items were signed for by someone call Sue I am now being told there is no sign of them. I have emailed the item numbers and would like to know what else I can do to get my money back.

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