The Jewellery Display Company has rolled out a full rebrand to mark 15 years in business.

While The Jewellery Display Company started out specialising in jewellery displays, the business has changed over the years to include clients from a wide variety of retail disciplines, including fashion, eyewear and cosmetics.

Reflecting on the evolution of the business, The Jewellery Display Company has decided to changed its name to TJDC and introduce a new website.


“The level of quality demanded by the jewellery industry when buying displays is far superior to other retail stores on the high street,” says TJDC owner and founder Jacob Nightburg. “Other industries started to cotton on to this, such as high-end beauty and fashion companies. They present luxury products and wish to do so in a lavish setting, so the bog-standard high street retail displays were not suitable for them. They starting approaching us after discovering the quality of displays that we were producing for the jewellery industry, and this has grown over the years. The new TJDC name will be a more universal umbrella to reflect what we do – that it’s not just jewellery displays.”

A growing part of TJDC’s business is luxury display solutions and bespoke creations. TJDC has been investing heavily in machinery at its London headquarters, which is now furnished with machinery such as laser cutters and engravers, UV and large-format printers, and benders. This allows TJDC to do a lot of work within the UK, delivering faster turnaround times and investing in British industry.

“We are constantly investing in machinery so that we can cut production times,” said Nightburg. “A recent example of this was when Lola Rose approached us and needed earrings stands created within a few days. Having bending and laser tools in house, we were able to do this for them within the timeframe they needed. But this investment in production tools is about so much more than cutting down times, it is also about doing as much as we possibly can in Britain, which is something that I am hugely passionate about and I know our customers are too.”

To promote TJDC’s commitment to increasing its production in Britain, the company will be sending out free Support British Industry branding blocks with every order over £500.

A major part of TJDC’s rebrand is its new website. The website will be transactional, allowing customers to browse and purchase stock. It will also be a source of inspiration for retailers planning new displays or shop overhauls, and will document displays that TJDC has created for a number of its top clients, including Moussaieff, Domino and Links of London. A blog will also be run from the site that will offer updates and news, as well as advice on the latest trends in store design and retail.

“We have really listened to what it is that our customers want from our website, and we hope that we’ve created an online shopfront that is both useful and inspirational,” said Nightburg. “We have more than 1000 products listed on the site, from cabinets to watch stands, and for retailers thinking about investing in bespoke display solutions, we have a step-by-step guide to explain exactly how the process works. We are delighted with the rebrand of our business and feel that it really positions us as what we are – the leaders in our field.”