Luxury brand joins recently-renovated historical shopping landmark.

Luxury British jeweller Theo Fennell has announced it is set to open a store in London’s Burlington Arcade in Mayfair next month, timed to coincide with the launch of the Olympic Games.

The brand said that the Arcade is “a genuinely timeless destination” and will open the store in early July, stocking its jewellery and silverware.


Theo Fennell, the eponymous founder of the brand, said: “I am thrilled we are going into Burlington Arcade.

“It has always been one of my favourite places in London and perfectly suits our meld of quirky, original design and great British craftsmanship. The Arcade was originally built to show off work like ours.”

The Burlington Arcade has recently undergone a renovation project that, although subject to much opinionated debate among the industry and present Burlington Arcade retailers who were concerned about being ousted, aims to bring more luxury brands to the covered shopping space.

Markus Meijer, chief executive and founder of Meyer Bergman, the company overseeing the renovation project said: “Following a major restoration project to return Burlington Arcade to its original glory, we are extremely pleased
that Theo Fennell, another fantastic British brand, has chosen to join the tenant line up, and we believe its presence will not only complement the existing mix of retailers, but will further enhance the shopping experience for domestic and international visitors.

Meijer added that the letting of a shop to Theo Fennel was in line with his strategy to return the Arcade to its former status as a globally renowned retail destination.

“We expect to announce further positive progress in due course,” he added.