Theo Fennell, founder, Theo Fennell

British jewellery business Theo Fennell is consolidating its business to concentrate on its core strengths by reducing its wholesale distribution to focus on its London stores.

Sales across the Theo Fennell business last year saw an increase of 55% year-on-year, with the Theo Fennell Fulham Road flagship store seeing sales rise by 60% compared to 2016.

The strong results are the culmination of a three-year strategy that has restored the financial health of the company by concentrating on the core strengths of the Theo Fennell business; beautifully designed, handmade pieces of jewellery and silverware made by their craftsmen, much of which is bespoke. This strategy will continue with a focus on continuing the robust sales growth of the Theo Fennell flagship store in London’s Fulham Road, the Theo Fennell store in the Royal Exchange and a smaller number of niche retail partners.


As a result, Theo Fennell will be taking its jewellery concession out of Harrods.

British jewellery designer and brand founder, Theo Fennell, comments: “We have always done best when we have concentrated on what we excel at, creating really original and finely crafted jewellery and silverware for our brilliant patrons and giving them a truly personal experience. Mass brand retail is no longer the go-to place for customers like ours who want something niche and different.”

Celebrating its 35th anniversary this year, Theo Fennell is hosting a ‘Stupendous Sale’ from March 24 of unique jewellery and silverware as part of the consolidation strategy.

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