Content-rich site designed to improve brand awareness and conversions.

British fine jewellery brand Theo Fennell has announced the launch of its new website, designed to capture the company’s in-store experience for e-tail customers.

The fully responsive site ensures a seamless scrolling experience on all devices, with scrapbook-style imagery allowing customers to see finished pieces and behind-the-scenes shots.


According to an official press release: “A highly-tailored interface has been developed to enhance the customer experience and make browsing as simple and intuitive as possible for our clients in order to drive conversion and sales. The website will also act as a vital touch point for many of our international customers.”

Interactive content, such as the About TF and Bespoke sections, have been created to provide a “digital window” into the world of Theo Fennell, and to encourage more engagement with the brand at a consumer level.

It is hoped the new content-led design will also allow for future multi-channel campaigns with the brand’s social media platforms.

Owner and designer Theo Fennell, explains: “Our new website is now live but, as ever with the wonders of modern science, it will be constantly evolving. This is especially so in our case as we make new pieces every day in our workshops here in the Fulham Road above the shop.

“We are thrilled with what we have achieved and think the new website gives much insight into the company, how we design and the pieces we craft and makes it easy to buy them! We hope it also shows how passionate we are about original design and craftsmanship. Most of all we hope you enjoy it."