A gang of thieves broke into George Attenborough and Son jewellers in London and stole an estimated £500k worth of gems and valuables.

Described as an ‘audacious heist’ by police, comparisons have been made to the Hatton Garden Heist of 2015 as it is presumed the thieves tunnelled in.

According to a report from the Guardian, police will only say that the thieves broke in through a wall to gain access to the jewels inside, and that the burglary ‘lacked the sophistication’ of the Hatton Garden heist.


Scotland Yard’s Flying Squad are hunting those behind the heist on the shop, which specialises in diamond rings, necklaces, pearls and other expensive jewellery.

For part of the weekend a half-marathon was taking place close to the jewellers, which is on Fleet Street in central London.

The store is shut over the weekend and is in an area where most shops and offices would also be closed outside normal working hours.

Speaking to the Guardian, Det Supt Simon Moring, leading the investigation, commented: “This was an audacious burglary, and there are elements that appear to have been planned with some precision by the suspects. They broke through a wall in order to gain access to the store. At this stage we are not releasing any further details about the methods used by the suspects.

He added: “It is nowhere near the sophistication of some previous burglaries dealt with by the Flying Squad, including high-profile crimes such as the Hatton Garden burglary in 2015.”