Ti Sentio - Illuminarie

Italian fashion jewellery brand Ti Sento has announced a new UK distributor following ownership changes and a strategic investment.

Today, Ti Sento chief executive officer, Arjan van Zuylen, has announced that Judith Lockwood (Mesmeric Distribution Ltd) will be the brand’s UK distributor with immediate effect.

Lockwood previously headed up the UK business, building the foundations and network of strong retail partners that the brand still has today.


Arjan van Zuylen shares of the change: “For our business model to be successful we now operate through distributors across the world.  Working with people we believe in, who understand the essence of Ti Sento Milano, sharing our passion and love for what we do, delivering our message and ambition to the market through strong and open retail partners. This combined with our online communication strategy will put the brand on the map. Our end goal is a global one.”

“I am delighted to welcome Judith Lockwood as our UK distributor – our retailers  will be in good safe hands, with someone who understands the market, believes in the future of Ti Sento Milano and can implement, develop, give service and work with  our retail-partners to grow turnover, sales, consumer recognition and profitability.”

Lockwood adds: “I am truly delighted – the opportunity to work with Ti Sento Milano at this time in its lifecycle is not to be missed.  The structure allows for empowerment to support, listen, deliver new ideas, strategy, thinking and investment to retail-partners who match the enthusiasm and vision of Ti Sento Milano resulting in good business for all. ”

Looking ahead, the brand believes a strong online presence is key to succeeding in today’s market, therefore its current online platform is being revamped and will be relaunched in June.

“The key to on and offline success is a strong brand,” shares van Zuylen, adding: “Which is why we are heavily investing in our online brand presence. Today’s consumer still values highly and recognises our product-design and quality, appreciating the expertise given and experience received when buying at a retail store. We plan to drive the consumer to our retail partners through a smart mix of social media activities, a network of influencers combined with smart Google advertising and a re-designed dealer locater largely replacing our traditional media. These online investments go hand-in-hand with our plans and strategies that Judith will bring to the market, boosting the brand image and driving sales.”