Tiffany & Co has launched a set of sterling silver building blocks with a price tag of £1,550.

This year the brand has expanded its home and accessories offering, with the Covent Garden studio welcoming Tiffany’s largest homeware selection outside of the USA.

In a line of products that include passport holders, bowls for pets, vases, and blankets, the latest addition of sterling silver lego to join the company’s range of ‘Everyday Objects’ has caused quite a stir in the press and social media.


Reviews describe the lego as both “amazing” and “bonkers”, with many sharing their disbelief that lego priced a £1,550 would be thought of as an “everyday object” by the American jewellery brand.

The set includes ten building blocks crafted in sterling silver and elevated with American walnut.

Pieces can be engraved for an extra cost, making it a unique gift for lego fans, but social media users have pointed out it is a far cry from what most would call an everyday accessory.

Chief artistic officer at Tiffany & Co, Reed Krakoff, describes the Everyday Object line as a unique collection that “the best quality, craftsmanship and design with a sense of the everyday”, but customers say many of the products don’t fit this description.

Alongside sterling silver building blocks, the brand has also launched a sterling silver ball of yarn for over £8,000, and a silver tin for £945, which has received criticism as well.