Tiffany & Co. top ranking brand on Facebook

New report outlines how brand wins fan engagement on Facebook.

A new report analysing 50 luxury and high street brands using Facebook as part of their marketing campaigns has found Tiffany & Co. to be the most successful.

The American jewellery brand topped Expion’s Social Retail Report for its strength of consumer engagement on Facebook.

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The report is focused on F.A.V.E – Fan Action, Volume Ranking and Engagement Ranking – and how US brands have operated on Facebook in H1 2013 ending June 30.

Tiffany & Co. was analysed alongside 50 other retail stores and brands including leather goods brand Coach, retailers Macy’s and Nordstrum, and fashion brand Guess.

The jewellery brand, which has 4,353,625 fans on Facebook, was found to have superior consumer engagement with more of its fans liking, sharing and commenting on each post than any other brand. According to the report it won attention with its "aspirational, high-quality, image-driven posts".

With a view to the various industry sectors such as clothing, supermarkets and department stores analyed in the report, the luxury sector was said to be the highest performing in terms of total fan engagement, driven by captivating product images, often tied to pop culture refrences.

The Expion report also found that despite the popularity of videos across social media platforms such as Vine and Instagram, posts with images still dominated Facebook and accounted for 80% of the 16,047 posts published by the 50 retailers and brands analysed in the report; video posts accounted for just 3%.

According to Expion, 2013 is shaping up to be a tipping point for the retail industry on Facebook as H1 has experienced the greatest decline in key metrics since with a drop in volume and engagement, and the lowest fan acquisition growth rate of those companies analysed since 2011.

Expion also found that there was a period where the company posts trend did not mirror engagement and volume trends, showing that brands are publishing less effective content than before.

The report also outlined when consumer fan engagement was at its best and worse in terms of day of the week and time of day. Expion found that about 17% of all the retailers’ posts were published on a Friday, but it was also the most common day for poor performing posts.

More than 21% of the poorest performing posts were published on a Friday showing that it had less engaging posts than the other days of the week, which means retailers may want to lower the frequency of their Facebook posts on a Friday.

June proved to be the second most popular month for retailers to publish content but had the second highest concentration of poor performing posts, with Facebook fans appearing to be less engaged with content published in June.

Time of day for posting on Facebook also proves crucial, and the period between 11am and 2pm was found to be not only the most popular time for brands to publish posts, but also has the highest number of top performing posts. The morning period from 8am to 11am had the most opportunity to engage with fans and played host to 19% of all posts, including 25% of the top performing posts.

The afternoon period between 2pm and 5pm was when 25% of all posts went live, but only 19% of the top performing posts appeared during these times, with Expion stating that brands looking to increase engagement should hit their fans fresh in the morning.



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