The doors to the ‘Tiffany Flagship Next Door’ have officially opened, marking the beginning of the company’s two-year journey to transform its iconic New York store.

Tiffany & Co. is planning a complete renovation of its renowned New York City flagship, which will “redefine the modern luxury experience”.

Tiffany & Co chief executive officer, Alessandro Bogliolo, says: “Innovation will remain at the forefront of Tiffany’s plans for 727 Fifth Avenue, and the newly reimagined flagship will serve as the modern crown jewel of our global store network,” he stated.


The 10-story architectural icon at 57th Street and 5th Avenue has served as the cornerstone of Manhattan’s most fashionable shopping district since its opening in 1940.

Customers won’t have to go far though during the transformation project, which is due to be completed in late 2021, as the company has opened the doors to a temporary new home at the adjacent 6 East 57th Street.

As the New York Times reports, moving across the road was no small task for the jeweller, which 114,000 gems, worth millions of dollars, without being robbed.

Understandably, it took dozens of security officers, hundreds of cameras and a vow of secrecy for the storied jeweller to move to its temporary quarters. Even the New York Police were on standby to help the company protect its stock during the move.

The move went smoothly though and following a limited preview of the new space with The Men’s Holiday Pop-Up, all levels are now accessible and showcasing the entire breadth of Tiffany & Co.’s collections.

High jewellery and iconic collections including Tiffany T, Tiffany Paper Flowers, Tiffany Victoria, Tiffany Keys, and Tiffany HardWear located on the main floor, The Tiffany Men’s collections on the second floor, love and engagement on the third, and Home & Accessories on the fourth. A private selling room is also located on each floor and one VIP salon offer customers the same level of service that they were accustomed to in the original flagship store.

Customers are expected to encounter an atmosphere that feels familiar, yet refreshed. The store is designed around a vaulted, escalator-flanked atrium and retains a playful, fun look with a modernised attitude. Each floor offers a unique visual concept that complements its contents and embraces the experimental nature of the space with nods to its impermanence.

For the duration of the two-year transformation of its flagship, Tiffany will experiment with the Flagship Next Door’s floor to ceiling atrium through periodic installations and exclusive partnerships. The unique expansive space aims to lure the eye upwards, encouraging customers to explore all four floors and allowing them to interact with the world of Tiffany in ways that differ from the traditional store format.

Take a look at the temporary new flagship here: