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Tomasz Donocik runs month-long showcase at Garrard


Jewellery Designer of the Year takes over cabinets at historic shop.

Tomasz Donocik, the current UK Jewellery Designer of the Year, kick-started a one-month tenure at Garrard in London’s Mayfair last night.

The designer has taken over two walls of cabinets in the store, showing off his fine and silver collections. Donocik created the cabinet displays himself, which are decorated with moss and ivy in homage to his new Garden of Good and Evil collection.

Also on display is his The Courtship of the Hornbill ring – a haute joallerie design created using mammoth tusk, rubies and black, white and yellow diamonds – and a new line of bejewelled scarves that he has created in collaboration with illustrator Emma Shipley.

Donocik was joined by Garrad chief executive Eric Deardorff and Garrard creative director Stephen Webster as the trio welcomed guests to a launch party at the Garrad store last night. As guests were treated to Bombay Sapphire cocktails and canapes, Deardorff and Webster spoke about Donocik’s installation at the historic jewellery shop.

Dearhoff said: “Having Tomasz Donocik’s work here is another facet of the regeneration of Garrard.”

The installation of Donocik’s work at Garrard was first agreed when the jewellery designer won a New Designer of the Year prize at trade show Collections in 2009. The competition was judged by Webster, who said he instantly picked up on Donocik’s talent, adding that "it was not hard to give him the award", and part of the prize was the opportunity to show his work at Garrard.

Donocik chose to hold off on taking advantage of the prize until he had a fine collection in place, and added that he believes now is the perfect time for him.


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