Yesterday Professional Jeweller ran a feature about the ever-changing digital retail landscape, discussing the most significant changes seen during the pandemic and asking what innovations the sector can expect to become commonplace over the next few years.

Now, River Mounts IT manager, Yvette Kempson, has her say on the best digital tools your company may not have heard of but should absolutely be utilising right now.

Kempson says: “This is an online facilitation tool that allows you to work collaboratively with your teams on a virtual whiteboard.”


3D scanning software
“The ability to digitally send accurate images and measurements to the computer-aided design (CAD) team has been a huge time-saver,” she reveals.

The IT manager describes: “This software has allowed us to create templates and design materials that we have utilised in our internal newsletter to help keep the team morale high and continue to keep the River Mounts culture going.”

Chantelle Serrell-Cooke