While it is fair to say the men’s jewellery market makes up only a small sector of the industry, it is undeniably an area which is growing as the millennial man is proving accessories to be an important part of his wardrobe.

Here, leadings men’s jewellery brands reveal the top five trends male consumers will be buying into over the next 12 months…

  1. The Signet Ring

The signet ring is having a revival at the moment, with even an increasing number of women purchasing this age-old staple piece, but in the mist of female consumers jumping on the bandwagon do not forget the men past, present and future love Signet rings too! In fact, Charles Green recently reported a rise in men’s jewellery sales, attributing this growth to traditional men’s jewellery. The company’s director comments: “We have seen an increase in demand for traditional men’s jewellery and are receiving regular orders for classic seal engraved signets, as well as for stone set signets.  We have also been manufacturing some big, blingy bespoke pieces for gents, some of which are featured on our Instagram page.”



  1. Fast-Personalisation

In the days where personalised jewellery is the hottest trend, men are wanting to indulge too, but they don’t have as much patience as women. They want an engraved ring, but they don’t want to wait too long for it to come back from the workshop, and they want a beaded bracelet which nods to their personality, but they don’t want to wait and collect beads one visit at a time, they want the whole piece instantly. Thomas Sabo UK and Ireland managing director, Jon Crossick, explains: “An emerging trend is our intricate karma bead designs for men. Men are creating their own full bracelets of karma beads, they don’t have the patience to collect them slowly, and they are creating beautiful personalised pieces of jewellery for themselves.”


  1. Layering Necklaces

Stacking bracelets has always been a big trend in men’s jewellery, and now male consumers are playing with neckwear too. “Layering neckwear is also becoming more prevalent especially when jewellery is used as an absolute accessory to an outfit and not just a functionality,” says Crossick from Thomas Sabo. When it comes to male necklaces, slim to medium chains work well for layering, accompanied with bold yet simple pendants.


  1. Guys want to have fun

Often men are portrayed as not being as experimental as women, but actually, guys want to have fun with their accessories too. As they become more confident in buying jewellery pieces, they will want a selection of styles which will stand the test of time, pieces which reflect their personalities, and accessories that are fun. “One of our biggest lessons last year was to keep being different and offering unique pieces – to be outrageous,” explains Deakin & Francis marketing manager, Sally Warrillow. “Some of our show-stoppers became our bestsellers!” Elsewhere, at Anchor & Crew bright bracelets often fly off the shelves quicker.


  1. Aisle Style

When it comes to men’s wedding rings, a combination of some of the trends listed above can be seen to be dominating this market, with more men opting for a less traditional look. Domino’s marketing co-ordinator Chantelle Serrell-Cooke, explains: “Millennials seem to love the personalisation aspect of rings and we find they are popular not only as little finger rings but also as alternative wedding bands.” Domino also reveals white alloys are still the company’s best male sellers, with yellow gold showing a slight spike in sales.