As the men’s jewellery market continues to gain more share, Professional Jeweller discovers the trends translating into sales…

Easy Layering

When it comes to men’s jewellery, stacking and layering is an increasing trend, but unlike women who like to create their own unique style, guys like to have help in this department. As such, pre-packed stacks, and multi strand bracelets are currently a hit in the market. Unique & Co founder, Daniel Ozel, shares: “For us the biggest trend is layering and stacking wristwear. Our collection of bracelets with multiple stands do extremely well. For us, the bestsellers are still leather bracelets in combinations with brands and nice clasps.”


Splash of Colour

Everyday outfits are being accessorised with jewellery that offers a splash of colour. Whether a hint of rose gold or popular blue, or something more vibrant and unusual, male consumers are now turning to colourful designers to brighten casualwear. “Colour is starting to emerge more and more — coloured stones more so than metals,” shares founder the of fine men’s jewellery brand Oscar Graves, with Gecko creative director, Desiree Pringle, adding: “We have noticed more of a trend for multi-colour items and have more of this launching in our new collection in September.”

Rise of the Cufflinks

For guys looking to adorn formal attire, cufflinks are making a comeback, with consumers experimenting with more playful and personal designs. Deakin & Francis director, Henry Deakin, shares: “Personalisation has been a big trend this year – from our enamelled cufflink initials to the desire to have special initials or meaningful numbers engraved.” Oscar Graves introduced cufflinks this year and says sales have been phenomenal, while other brands have seen a steady lift in sales — particularly with these being bought as gifts.

The Celebrity Appeal

Jewellery brand shave noted sales increase following male celebrities where their products. During the World Cup, Monica Vinader saw sales of its friendship bracelets soar when Gareth Southgate was spotted wearing a navy-blue cord piece on the side-lines, while Oscar Graves has also reported a rise in sales from the sport-celebrity effect. Pearse Curran from Oscar Graves tells us: “If David Beckham wears a tailored new suit or reveals a new tattoo, men want to emulate him. We’ve seen this first hand (pardon the pun) when Hector Bellerin of Arsenal and Spain wore ‘The Cuban’ ring by Oscar Graves at the GQ style awards in London. The interest in the piece went through the roof.”

White Metals

On the fine jewellery side, suppliers say men are sticking to white metals for wedding rings, whether white gold, palladium, platinum, or even silver in a bid to keep costs down. Hockley Mint’s product development manager, Poppy Elder, says: “Men’s wedding jewellery remains fairly traditional, with white metals still the most popular. We’ve even seen some demand for silver wedding bands for men who aren’t used to wearing jewellery and want to keep costs down as much as possible — which also allows them to be able to spend a bit more on the ladies bands.” Charles Green MD, Oli Sutton, adds: “Given the current high price of palladium 950, we’ve seen our top end platinum gent’s wedding rings sales increase, and the same can be said of our more affordable palladium 500 range.”