For the July issue of Professional Jeweller, we asked independent jewellers and suppliers to help us analyse the silver jewellery market.

Using the results from UK jewellery industry experts, we have compiled a list of the top five silver jewellery trends driving sales for the industry this season.



Meghan Markle has done it again. After wearing an ‘A’ necklace at Wimbledon, a gift to commemorate the birth of her son Archie, retailers and suppliers have been noticing a rise in searches for alphabet jewellery. While the Duchess of Sussex was wearing a solid gold piece, consumers looking to copy her style are opting for silver designs as a more accessible version to gift friends, or wear to represent their own loved ones. As Kit Heath’s creative director, Katie Nickell, says, “personalisation is going from strength-to-strength” in the silver jewellery market, and thanks to the Meghan Effect, letter pendants are the must-have personalisation gift.



While British consumers are becoming more bold when it comes to accessorising, they choose the create their statement looks by layering simple designs. “We’ve noticed jewellery seems to be more and more about layering and emphasising a bold, unique look,” shares ChloBo founder, Chloe Moss, with Daisy London’s marketing director adding: “Without a doubt our bestsellers are all from our AW19 collection, Stacked. This collection brings the ultimate, basic accessories that are simple and perfect to wear in tandem with our other coveted collections.” Award-winning designer, Lucy Quartermaine, affirms: “Over the last six months, we have seen an increase in popularity for more delicate and dainty designs. We have definitely seen a higher demand for layering designs such as our chokers and long pendants.”



Simple does not mean boring though. Originality is key this season, with shoppers looking to purchase pieces the feel unique to them and represent a part of their personality. Moreover, younger consumers in particular don’t want to be seen wearing something every other girl has. John Pass Jewellers retail store manager, Stephen Parsons, says: “Brands which have originality are attracting spend. Les Georgettes is a good example of this as it gives multiple looks in one piece and has a wider product range. Customers seem to want to spend on something they don’t feel they will see everyone else wearing.”



Thanks to social media and the selfie phenomenon, earrings have been on the rise in the silver jewellery market, with digital users wanting to adorn their ears as part of the perfect shot. While last year was all about the multiple piercings and small earrings trend, this year the ever-faithful hoop is making a comeback in all shapes and sizes. “Hoop earrings continue as an absolute key trend,” shares Fabulous owner, Jo Stroud. “In one brand – Ania Haie – we have sold 12 different designs of hoops this year, in sterling silver and gold-plated silver, clearly demonstrating that there is a different hoop for everyone. This trend has continued with brands like Thomas Sabo and our own Life’s Journey brand.”



Consumers are opting to add colour to their silver jewellery, with in the form of yellow or rose gold plating, or vibrant stones and enamel. Sif Jakobs Jewellery’s rainbow hue offer has been performing extremely well in the UK, with the brand introducing even more colourful pieces to capitalise on this trend, and Thomas Sabo has seen more and more consumers choosing the brand’s more vibrant designs. Thomas Sabo managing director, Tony Bjork, says: “We have seen a trend for both classic pieces, as well as coloured stones, mixed with silver to give the pieces a different feel. For us it is always about looking at how we can bring something new to the consumer, and fresh, so we also try to make trends as well as follow them.” He continues: “Coloured stones intermixed with silver will continue to be a trend, as well as – when Christmas approaches, the more seasonal pieces which represent the magic of the Christmas season, when people start to dress up more and be more bold with their jewellery choices.”