Online platform has been going from strength-to-strength since it launched over ten years ago, and jewellery has increasingly become one of the most important categories for the retailer.

In fact, at certain times in the year it can make up 40% of the business.

Here, head curator, Francesca Pittaway, reveals the jewellery trends and products dominating at Notonthehighstreet…


As such an important category for notonthehighstreet, there are so many new and exciting jewellery trends that we have seen introduced and that we have been developing recently.

Sentimental value

“In the last two years particularly, jewellery that has a personal sentiment or an heirloom feel as part of the design has become important to the platform and signet rings in particular have been very popular over the last 12 months. Our partners are able to put their own unique spins on these types of trends too, using their own specialist crafts, and have developed products within their own styles meaning our product range is truly varied.”


“Over the years we have found that our bestselling jewellery products are consistently those that can be personalised in some way, with 67% of all orders on notonthehighstreet being for personalised pieces. As our products are not seasonal we see our customers looking to invest in pieces of jewellery with longevity and those that could be described as ‘modern heirlooms’. We find that it is usually the products that are personalised in a more traditional way, for example with names or initials, that have been some our customers’ favourites.”

Precious stones

“Using birthstones and precious stones within designs is another trend that has vastly grown and is something that our customers come to us time and again for. Our jewellery partners are so talented and creative at finding new ways to incorporate this into their designs, to keep them feeling new and fresh, whether that’s setting family birthstones within an engraved family tree on a piece of jewellery or representing your star sign through stones.”

Going for gold…

“Of course, the trend for gold and gold-plated jewellery is booming too, and whilst sterling silver has always remained popular with our customer base, we’ve found that it’s been the gold products that have driven traffic to the site predominantly in the last couple of years…”

… but silver is starting to soar

“…However, that is definitely starting to shift again for us here at notonthehighstreet, with silver jewellery being considered more in trend than it has been in recent years and we’ve found that more and more of our partners are now looking to offer the option of different materials to tap into this and cater for all audiences.”