TOP FIVE: Jewellery industry social media observations

Facebook’s Influence In Consumer Consumption Of News Growing

How do the top industry players harness the power of social media? Professional Jeweller explores…

  1. Consistency

Brands with the highest social media reach offer followers across all platforms consistency. Whether that’s by sharing the same video and images on each, but with different accompanying wording, or having the same profile image, cover picture and background on every platform, there needs to be an element of consistency across the posts brands and retailers share. Although a customer may be follow a company on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, consistency creates a bigger impact than diversity.

  1. Video

Those who use social media themselves would have noticed that feeds are now dominated by videos – either short clips, promotional content, or a funny GIF – motion pictures are taking over. Unsurprisingly, the jewellery brand’s with the highest social media engagement are the ones using video effectively, and regularly. For brands, this will usually form part of a wider campaign, whereas retailers are able to share various video creations for the brands they stock, and inject a piece of their personality online by sharing videos from other companies they relate to.

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  1. Personality

Gone are the days when consumers can be fooled by businesses on social media. Online shoppers are more savvy than they ever have been before and they can see straight through brands which are not being authentic online. Unsurprisingly, the retailers with the highest social media reach are the one’s which do not merely bombard their consumers with promotions, but rather use the likes of Facebook and Twitter to share a glimpse of their personality to its followers. Whether that’s through sharing funny clips from the nation’s favourite TV shows, or posting images live from the shop floor, consumers warm to companies they can relate to.

  1. Good Images

Good images come in two different forms. First of all, good in quality. When researching for the 2017 Professional Jeweller Reach List, the editorial team were quite surprised by some of the images lurking around from industry professionals on social media. While it is hard to do jewellery justice in a photo, it’s really important to try. Customers do not want to see an image which is unclear and out of focus, they want to be able to picture the piece on them, which is hard to do when it is hard to see. Secondly, good images means having a good selection. The very best in the industry take the time to conduct photo shoots which show their products in lifestyle shots, rather than on the shelves. For brands and retailers alike this helps consumers picture what different items will look like together, and gives them a sense of whether those are the right items for the person they are looking to buy for.

  1. Understanding Hashtags

Time and time again industry professionals tell us about how they have managed to enhance their business through honing in on hashtags. While there is a lot to be said about the importance of hand-selecting hashtags in order to boost SEO and link yourself to certain communities, a simple way companies can use hashtags is by creating their own. For example, for the festive season brands such as Pandora and Swarovski have already started using hashtags chosen specifically for the Christmas trading period. This allows them to test consumer engagement, create a narrative, and encourage consumers to make tailor made posts about them. What could your Christmas hashtag be?

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