There’s no denying that classic engagement rings, alongside more recent favourites such as halos and three-stones, will continue to shine in 2020, but leading experts believe these will be five of the top ‘I do’ worthy trends of the year…

Yes, personalisation is still in the top five and that’s because nearly every jeweller and supplier mentioned it as a hot trend for 2020. Personal pieces are going nowhere yet. Domino Jeweller’s creative director, Naomi Newton-Sherlock, shares: “As with engagement rings, the personalisation trend, including ring-stacking, continues to influence consumer choice and spend for wedding rings with strong sales across our shaped and decorative wedding ring collections. Finishing touches are also increasing in popularity, with textures or finishes chosen to reflect an individual’s personal style through their wedding band.” Charles Green’s head of product development, Pip Beale, echoes: “We expect our bespoke engagement ring and wedding ring service to continue to thrive as being able to cater to your customer’s needs is crucial today.”

Coloured Gemstones
This year will see brides saying ‘I do’ to more colourful designs, with a mix of different gemstones set to. “Coloured gemstones are set to be a big trend for 2020, with more customers wanting to add some colour to their engagement ring and to create something that is more unique,” says head of bespoke at 77 Diamonds, Anna Byers. Purely Diamonds managing director, Emelie Tyler, expands: “Gemstones offer more affordable price brackets and individuality, the end of 2019 has seen an increase in demand for different gemstones, which we predict will no doubt continue into 2020.” Charles Green has seen an increased demand for coloured centre stones such as morganite, aquamarine and topaz partnered with diamonds.


Ethical and Sustainable
Millennials in particular are making decisions based on their beliefs — and many of them believe it is important to save the plant and fight for fairness. With this in mind, they want one of the most important purchases of their lives to be ethical. “More and more consumers are interested in the ethics around mined vs. lab-grown and making choices in-line with their beliefs. We have seen a massive increase in sales of CanadaMark diamonds which are full-traceable mined diamonds from the Northern Territories. Additionally, more customers ask about Fairtrade and recycled metal options when purchasing engagement rings,” Taylor & Hart CEO, Nikolay Piriankov, reveals. Chief operating officer at Alex Monroe, Emma Burgin, adds: “There will be further demand for ethical and sustainable pieces, as customers commit their beliefs to all areas of their lifestyle. After years of concerned questions from customers about ‘blood diamonds’, we are now finding that customers are thinking beyond diamonds altogether.”

Fancy Diamond Shapes and Colours
2020 will see consumers opting for fancy everything when it comes to diamonds — particularly more unusual shapes and colours. “More customers are experimenting with fancy-shaped diamonds which is tied into millennials wanting to express their individuality,” says Taylor & Hart’s CEO, with David M Robinson showroom manager, Alisha Duffy, adding: “In 2020, we expect to see a continued trend for bold fancy shapes in bridal jewellery. As the client becomes more savvy, they are much more comfortable exploring shapes and styles that may break the boundaries of traditional bridal jewellery.” Allum & Sidaway has also seen an increase in consumers investing in coloured diamonds. The store’s MD says: “With the right stones, fancy colour diamonds such as yellow, pink and champagne will continue to be favoured for a particularly unique engagement ring.”

True To Vintage
Customers are looking for authentic pieces that nod to the past, whether thats design details of the 1920s or the Victorian era. Hockley Mint’s creative manager, Poppy Elder, shares: “We have an archive of moulds and jewellery designs that our customers can tap into. We have seen pieces from this archive enjoy a resurgence in 2019, especially customers remounting heirloom diamonds and gemstones back into their original Victorian or Edwardian settings. The end-consumer is striving for authenticity and I believe this is reflected in wanting something traditional, elegance and true to era.