As jewellers in England reopen stores with new health and safety measures in place, communicate with customers is key as they get use to a new way of shopping.

Here are five key ways jewellers have been communicating changes and reassuring clients that it is safe to come back to store:



The most forward-thinking jewellery retailers ensured they communicated changes to their database ahead of reopening. In the age of GDPR, where the people on your database have truly chosen to be there, sending an email to personally tell those that have shopped with you before about the changes they might experience in store is highly recommended. Even if this hasn’t been done yet, there’s still time. Why not do it ahead of the weekend? You can even share the experience of the last few days an extra blanket of reassurance. Don’t just rely on customers going to your website to see how you will be Covid-19 compliant – go to them first.


Many companies have created videos to bring to life new safety measurements in store. These have varied from jewellers walking viewers through the store and highlighting changes, to others creating creative infographics, which layout the main rules to remember. A great example from a jeweller doing a walk through can be seen on Steffans social channels, link here:


And for a great infographic-led video, view jewellery giant Pandora’s creation for customers here:



This may seem like an obvious one, but there are many different ways jewellers have been using social media to communicate changes. Some on the first day of opening went live on Instagram Stories to welcome the team and customers back and do a walk-through of the store. Others have used graphics to communicate messages such as ‘we’ve missed you’ and ‘shop safe’. Many have also shared images of the store and staff back at the shop. These really help customers visualize the friendly personalities that will welcome them in and what they can expect when they come back to buy jewellery from you.



For regular clients and just shoppers passing by, it’s good to have signs outside that let them know what to expect inside. This can be done in several ways. Some jewellers have utilized video screens, with videos used also on social being played outside, while others have focused on one particular area – mainly the social distancing rules – to create easy to see and read, impactful signage. Some have also created signs which detail all that has been done to combat Covid-19 in stores.

See some examples below:



A good tip is to keep visuals consistent – IE use the same graphics for videos, social and signs in store.



Last but not least, jewellers up and down the country have opted to have people positioned at the doors to welcome customers in with a friendly smile (or smiling eyes if wearing masks) and to explain a little bit about what they can expect in store. By having someone on the door people can ask questions before even entering, and those perhaps hesitant to walk past the threshold can receive encouragement from the team that it is safe to come inside. It also allows an opportunity to manage expectations – for instance how long they may have to wait outside for if only certain numbers can go in at a time. The likes of Laings, Goldsmiths, Pandora and Mappin & Webb have all be using greeters since reopening on Monday.