As jewellers had to close their physical shops this week, many have taken to social media to build a sense of community and strengthen customer relationships while face-to-face contact isn’t possible.

Here, we’ve picked five inspiring and innovative posts from jewellery brands and retailers this week…



The Alex Monroe social channels have always been more about building community than promoting products, and this has only been enhanced during the coronavirus outbreak. The team has created a dedicated social space called ‘@alexmonroe_community’ to celebrate its team and let customers see behind-the-scenes at Alex Monroe. Posts highlight different workers and roles within the company, bringing together customers, stockists, charity partners, jewellers and boutique staff. Furthermore, to lift the spirits of other works in the UK, Alex Monroe revealed in a post published yesterday that the brand will soon be launching its biggest ever series of jewellery giveaways, which will involve customers being encouraged to nominate co-workers to receive a free gift.



When Olivia Burton closed its store doors (before the government even forced jewellers to shut), the company promised to be there for its followers and post positive content for customers to provide “a distraction” for customers to look at over a cup of tea. And of course the lifestyle jewellery brand has delivered just that. Post have included a picture of an employee’s dogs with an Olivia Burton packaging box and inspiring quotes such as ‘have courage and be kind’ and ‘you are all kinds of amazing’, which was dedicated to NHS workers. On Insta Stories, and saved in the company’s highlights reel, Olivia Burton has also produced uplifting wallpapers for customers to use as backgrounds on their phones or their own Insta posts.



Liverpool-based independent jeweler, Wongs, has launched an initiative to help brighten up people’s social media channels and show support to the community. As houses and businesses have been encouraged to place rainbows in windows for children to look at while working around their local neighbourhoods, Wongs asked its followers to post pictures of their children’s rainbow pictures, tag the jewellery business in the post and say what they are doing to keep kids busy while the nation is on lockdown. Wongs is then reposting these colourful posts and ideas to brighten up people’s accounts and inspire others who may be looking for ideas to entertain children during the coronavirus crisis. Many have taken up Wong’s offer… with pictures being shared daily across the jewellery retailer’s accounts!



Announcing the company’s store closures at the beginning of the week, Monica Vinader accounts shared a word from the namesake founder, which included ideas on how to find joy in these difficult times – here she suggests reading books that had been saved for holidays and cooking through COVID-19 – as well as a promise to ‘share snippets of joy’ on the firm’s social accounts. She also shares that stores in Asia are now open and other countries the brand trades in are starting to “see light at the end of the tunnel”, whilst also encouraging people to buy jewellery to put smiles on their faces, with an incentive of 25% of all pieces purchased during the crisis. The brand has been getting different team members to share posts, which has given customers a more personal insight into the world of Monica Vinader.



Award-winning Berry’s Jewellers shared an inspiring story on its social channels this week. This year the company pledged to support children’s charity ‘Give a Duck’, and it showed its customers that the coronavirus won’t be stopping that with a post about a staff member’s determination to raise funds. The post reveals that one member of staff was due to run the Manchester Marathon to raise money for the charity, but the race got cancelled. Instead, the team member ran his own marathon around his local area, raising over £1,000 for the charity, which managing director Simon Walton then doubled.