Specially for International Women’s Day, Professional Jeweller has asked some of the industry’s most powerful female figures for their top tips in the business.

The series has run in four parts this week, with the final piece featuring today with UNOde50’s Emma-Louise Gregory and Cathie Osborne of Retaissance.

Emma-Louise Gregory, UK & Ireland sales director, UNOde50


Kindness always wins

Be kind to everyone you meet, talk to everyone you meet. I think kindness builds reputation and with a good reputation, this can build success.

Be happy in the moment

Its always difficult to define success, success could be the amount of money you have, your health, hitting a certain goal but for me, success is about being happy in the moment, being grateful for where you are in life, the people around you, learning from others you view as successful. Looking after your mind, body, and soul, will all impact how happy you feel.


People often focus on goals but for me the quickest way to hit a goal is to focus on growth. I learn something new every day, whether it is reading a personal development book, listening to a business audiobook, learning from those around me.

I just like to look at my life and decide on what I need to increase my knowledge on. From a business perspective, success means creating a business that empowers customers, employees, and community in equal measure.

Cathie Osborne, managing director, Retaissance


Learn to be mindful. Focus on being more conscious in day-to-day decisions allows us to take  appropriate actions to reach your goals. Mindfulness is a skill that needs constant practice, being mindful of other people will create a more inclusive world. Are you being conscious right now, Why are you doing what you’re doing right now? Why are you reading this? Nothing else to do? Or are you reading this so you might pick up a thing or two to consciously incorporate in your life to improve yourself that will move you in the direction you want?


Always remember your purpose with life, your reason for being, act according to your values, and don’t let people tell you what to do or how things should be. Always be true to yourself and your values, going to sleep at night happy with your actions, and being grateful for your day is a true measure of success.


Try to always be honest with yourself especially when it hurts most.  If you can tell yourself lies, you won’t need to learn what to do to make your life better.

If you are skint, be honest. If you are overweight, be honest. If you lack certain skills, be honest. If you are exceptional at some skills, be honest. If you are lovable, be honest. If you are a pain in the bum, be honest.

If you lack support, be honest. If you lack love, be honest. If you lack energy, be honest. If you are not exercising enough, be honest. If you need a hug, be honest. Vulnerability is a strength not a weakness.

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