Specially for International Women’s Day, Professional Jeweller has asked some of the industry’s most powerful female figures for their top tips in the business.

The series runs in four parts this week, Monday-Thursday, with today’s entry featuring Kerry Saunders, operations director at Domino Jewellery, and Judith Lockwood, founder and managing director of Mesmeric Distribution.

Kerry Saunders, operations director, Domino Jewellery



Do your research, prepare and be informed, but ultimately trust your own instincts. We often talk ourselves out of our own feelings, but they are often the best barometer we have.

You’re only as good as the team around you

Whether it’s recruiting new people or joining a new team yourself, the people around you can have such an impact on your success.

I am so fortunate to work with a great team and it enables me to achieve so much more in my role, which I recognise and communicate whenever I can.

If something scares and excites you – do it!

Coming out of your comfort zone will challenge you but help you grow in skills and confidence.

Judith Lockwood, founder and managing director of Mesmeric Distribution

Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself

This is something I truly believe in and try to always apply. Everyone is important and has something to say. This was something instilled into me in my first job working as a management trainee in a shop for Austin Reed.

You should never pre-judge a customer, and every role a person does in a business is vital and leads to the final team results and deserves respect.

Giving all the people you come into contact with a little bit of time, a hello, knowing their name or asking how their gran is doing is important and goes towards building long-lasting relationships. People are full of surprises if you let them.

There is no ‘I’ in ‘team’

This is one of the old sayings we were all taught on sales courses many years ago, but actually it is true.

A team and a team spirit are vital for any successful business. If someone has an idea they should be credited with it and allowed the praise and thanks.

I believe a team can extend not just to your colleagues that you work with everyday, but to your head office, or warehouse, designers and your customers because it takes a huge effort on everyone’s part to get a result or to make a sale.

This comes back to rule one – we all want to feel part of a team and I want my team to feel part of something special. And that’s about how you treat and speak to someone and make them feel.

Trust your intuition

We live in a world of daily analysis, data and spreadsheets which are clearly important and have their place in any business, but I have leaned to always listen to my gut and instinct and it has only let me down a couple of times over the years.

That feeling when something is off and that beautiful tickle in your stomach and up your spine when something is right, that judgement call you have to take and how for a second you see into the future.

Whether it is seeing a new collection, a new customer, an opportunity or just knowing your business and time in an industry raises the question is it instinct or is it experience actually? The spreadsheets should just confirm what you already know.