Cybertill recently did some research and found that the majority of UK high street retailers are potentially alienating last minute or mobile shoppers by not displaying any information about in-store stock availability on their websites.

For Gen Z, real-time visibility of stock levels is vital to getting them in store, with 59% of people in that demographic stating that they want real-time stock levels of nearby stores on a retailer’s mobile app.

While jewellers have the benefit of people wanting to come into store to touch and feel products, the trade cannot forget that digital channels will still form part of the consumer journey.


Here are some insights from Cybertill for jewellery retailers looking to enhance the omnichannel customer experience this Christmas…

Grow your digital channels
Globally, mobile browsing is more popular than desktop, signifying that consumers are on the go and using mobile devices more often to shop and browse. A great mobile website can help get people into your shops. Jewellery retailers can capture the on-the-go-shopper by displaying stock levels by store online and offering same day collection. Jewellers not offering this are potentially missing out on sales.

F. Hinds offers its shoppers an exact time that an item will be available to collect in-store, right down to the minute. With real-time access to stock F. Hinds provides shoppers with added confidence when shopping online, letting them pick up items after a set time, and pay in-store.

61% of high street retailers don’t display in-store stock levels or availability by store on their websites — a feature that 42% of adults in the UK want.

Cybertill founder and CEO, Ian Tomlinson, says: “Inventory management is a key component to omnichannel success. More specifically, real-time, multi-location stock control that is accurate and customer-facing, such as displayed on the front end of websites, apps, or shelf-edge labels. I believe that offering these services is achievable and not just reserved for big-box retailers. We’ve done this research to bring attention to a largely untapped omnichannel opportunity and one that could have a big impact on retailers’ bottom line.”

A graphic produced by Cybertill#.

Use in-store technology to serve customers well and embrace automation to scale your 121-customer experience
A Customer Engagement System (CRM) that can give you real-time access to customer profiles and can automatically avoid duplicate customer records will ensure that you can offer your customers a seamless experience. A system that captures customer data at the point of purchase? Even better. Plus, you can use the data in your CRM for marketing purposes, sending newsletters or updates on customers’ favourite brands or styles.

In addition, if your CRM is linked to a workshop system and automated, then you can keep all customer information, job status, notes, photos, co-ordinated in one place with a workshop system that can manage your workshop and repair process from booking in, taking photos of items, allocating staff time, logging and charging for parts used as well as notifying the customer about status changes and when the item is ready to collect.

Ensure your systems can handle future digital initiatives
We don’t know what the next big thing is going to be. The benefits of having a system in place to manage your retail shop that can scale and adapt to change quickly will set you apart from your competition.

New shopping channels are emerging all the time, who could have predicted that Instagram, originally launching as a social media channel, would evolve into one of the biggest platforms for shopping and reaching customers. So, who knows what could be on the horizon, with the resale market growing in popularity and the consumer focus being shifted towards sustainability, maybe the resale market is where we will see the next big shake-up in jewellery retail.