In the November issue of Professional Jeweller we present a definitive guide to the jewellery brands and retailers with the biggest online reach and digital influence over UK shoppers. But what are these leading firms actually doing to engage consumers?

Here, we round-up our key findings.

Embrace New Tools


The jewellery companies with the highest reach in the UK are embracing new tools as and when they come. If everyone one month is all over Twitter, these brands are placing their focus there. They are moving as their target audience move. For most, this means playing with tools on the industry’s most effective platform – Instagram. This channel has launched shoppable tools, making it easier for customers to buy pieces they see, and it’s also successfully introduced Instagram Stories, which allows people to post regularly, without clogging up people’s newsfeeds. Are you keeping up to date with the latest social media trends and finding out how new tools can work for your business?


Do Research

It’s all very well being on social media channels, but who’s following you, and what do they want? Just how you analyse the customers walking through your stores and what they are buying, keep an eye on what posts are doing well online, and which products are leading people to click through to your website. Furthermore, do some research into the phycology of online shoppers. The Diamond Store for example has found men want as much information as possible at their fingertips so they can make a quick and informed decision, whereas women want to be inspired and have an online shopping experiencing as close as possible to what they can receive in store. This means video content, lifestyle images, and social media interaction is extremely important to them.




Don’t Just Talk about Jewellery

Millennials and Generation Z in particular are smart on social media, and they know when a company is just trying to sell to then, and they don’t like it. No, what they like is brands that they feel like they can affiliate with. So don’t just post about your products, showcase your company’s personality and identity. Is there a charity as a company you support? Tell your online audience. Are you hosting a Bake-Off at work because your staff are all obsessed? Show that to your customers. Are there quotes from well-known figures as a company that you find inspiring? Chances are your customers might find them inspiring too! Don’t be afraid to have a voice online.


Creating Sharable Content

It’s little surprise that brands like Pandora and Tiffany & Co continue to command the most attention on social media. Companies like these don’t take posting lightly. They create entire campaigns around social media – with Tiffany & Co even deleting all their images on Instagram in preparation for their biggest launch of the year. Content is exclusive to the brand and engaging. It’s like Pandora’s MD says, your customers can help bolster business and become a voice for your store or brand, but they can only shout about you if you give them content to share. Swarovski for example creates videos with famous figures that reflect the brand. Often they will be discussing a topic consumers can engage with, rather than simply just promoting a product. In turn, these videos are widely shared.

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