Windsor-based Anthony Paul Jewellery is gearing up to toast the royal couple in store, but does not expect the town’s busiest ever day to impact sales.

While hundreds of thousands are expected to descend on the small historic town to be part of the big day, Anthony Paul Jewellery says they are there for one reason only.

Company director, George Jackson, tells Professional Jeweller: “It’s a very difficult one to judge what the day will be like because more than hundred thousand people are expected to come to the town, but those people aren’t coming to shop for jewellery, they are very much here for one purpose.”


Anthony Paul Jewellery is located near the station, where officials predicts 1,800 people will arrive on trains every hour.

According to Jackson though, these people will be quickly ushered away from the station towards the main action.

“Quite a few shops locally are closing,” Jackson reveals. “Tourist shops will do incredibly well, but with the location of our shop we are just right next to the main train station next to the shopping centre, and the centre management for where we are think they are going to have 1,800 people an hour coming off those trains and they are going to be directing them straight past our shop, so we are going to get an incredible amount of footfall past our shop but they are going to be directed past and not standing still.”

In order to celebrate the occasion though, Anthony Paul Jewellery has put bunting up, and will be serving champagne and canapes on the day for people who do want to come in side and toast the royal newly-weds.

The family-run jeweller has also handcrafted a replica of Meghan Markle’s engagement ring, which will have a prominent position in the store window.

“It’s just a nice gesture towards them, and that’s really as much as we can do because we really don’t think we will get any business at all from it what so ever,” shares Jackson. Adding: “We’ve got a really good team of staff in for the name, the best people available in the shop, and we are well prepared for it.”

The royal wedding takes place on Saturday, May 19.