Lewis Bloor, former star of The Only Way is Essex, has attended a court hearing over his alleged involvement in a £3 million diamond scam.

Southwark Crown Court heard that over 200 victims were convinced to buy small, coloured gemstones as part of the alleged fraud case, Sky News reported.

The crimes of which Bloor and five others are accused are said to have taken place in 2013 and 2014, around the time he joined The Only Way is Essex. He left the show after a three-year stint.


Elderly victims are alleged to have been conned into investing in the stones via cold calls. Every investor is said to have lost their money, with most not even receiving the stones they bought.

The two companies involved in the alleged fraud were called Imperial Assets Solutions and Henderson & Forbes.

“Each one of these six defendants was involved in both, with one exception, Lewis Bloor, who left at some point in 2013 to pursue a career in television,” said prosecutor David Durose QC according to the BBC’s report.

“In total, over 200 people were conned into buying coloured diamonds and the companies defrauded those people out of a total of well over £3m.”

The trial is ongoing.

Bloor was first accused of involvement in the scandal over two years ago. Read more below:

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