Digital coloured gemstone trading platform Gembridge has announced that it has established a global ambassador network of distinguished industry figures to expand the business.

The network, which includes many respected international gemstone dealers, will aim to establish Gembridge as the preferred marketplace for coloured gemstones worldwide, it claimed.

“The ambassador’s role is to promote and grow the business of Gembridge in their part of the world. As we grow, they will become shareholders in the business,” Gembridge CEO Nick Marrett said.


He continued: “The ambassadors will be champions of our new marketplace where international trade is more affordable and secure, and access to high quality coloured gemstones is universal.”

Ambassadors include Duncan McLauchlan, founder of McLauchlan Gems, and also European
director and treasurer of the International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA), as well as members from the USA, India, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Switzerland, Lebanon and Colombia.

Tony Brooke, Gembridge chairman, added: “Each ambassador will help to build confidence in Gembridge, integrating the platform into the working heart of our industry. Strategically, our ambassador network will not only span the world, but also connect it.”

Meanwhile, Gembridge head of business development, Helen Molesworth, said: “Adding such talent to our Gembridge team is crucial in an industry where networking and knowledge are the keys to success.

“With our ambassadors’ support, Gembridge has a truly global reach as the ‘go-to’ international trading platform for coloured gemstones.”