For 2018, International Jewellery London has called on jewellery expert and founder of The Futurist, Paola De Luca, to identify key trends for visitors to be aware of at the show.

In the role of IJL trend editor, Paola De Luca has handpicked six SS19 trends, which will be highlighted on the catwalk across all three days.
The six trends chosen for this year are: Industrial Core; I’m Perfection; Neo Classic; Dark Romantic; Op-Coding; and Constellation Collective.

The trends were chosen following an in-depth analysis by de Luca and her dedicated team of experts.


IJL’s trend editor reveals: “Our team identifies trends based on our ongoing analysis of data in the luxury and jewellery sectors. We are constantly gathering data from brands, manufacturers and designers internationally, and we monitor social trends across the globe.

“As well as analysing jewellery trends encompassing metals, diamonds and other gemstones alongside a plethora of materials, we apply similar searches in the worlds of accessories, beauty and interiors.”

As someone who specialises in providing luxury brands with creative intelligence, which offers an authentic sense of direction and inspiration, de Luca chose trends she believes will translate into sales for the industry over the next couple of seasons.

De Luca shares with PJ: “Knowledge is power. Being able to foresee emerging product directions or themes may be relevant for the strategy of a company, retailer or designer. It may not be right to follow a trend, however, understanding consumers’ attitudes, and where the market is going, is important for a business.”

During International Jewellery London, visitors will be able to view the trends live in action on the catwalk, using pieces which will be available to view and buy at the show.

De Luca will also be hosting a seminar on the Monday, which will provide a detailed forecast for those looking to delve into the trends further.

“A retailer who is well organised in planning a visit to a show, taking advantage of its content, visual mapping and insights, is more likely to ultimately have an effective business strategy,” de Luca shares. “Understanding your customers is the most important factor. Trends reflect social and cultural changes. A certain design movement, silhouette or colour should be considered when a retailer is purchasing for the upcoming seasons.”

THE SS19 STYLES… as chosen by IJL’s trend editor

Industrial Core
This trend is inspired by urban lifestyles, architecture and redefined industrial materials. Expect to see jewellery with strong connections to minimalist design, including a resurgence of links and chains. Yellow gold versions decorated with diamonds translate industrial inspirations into fine pieces, while silhouettes are kept simple and unisex — in-keeping with broader fashion trends. This highly-contemporary look ties into the growing number of eco-conscious jewellery designers making their pieces in recycled silver, gold or more unusual materials.

I’m Perfection
This trend is all about a play on proportions that creates surreal, optical illusions with geometric and patchwork forms. Jewellery within the I’m Perfection trend could be described as ‘contemporary surrealism’ merged with Picasso’s Cubism; think asymmetrical rings with unusual silhouettes and single earrings that are designed to stand alone, set in yellow and rose gold.

Neo Classic
The pearl continues its renaissance in modern designs. Myriad colours, from golden, peachy pink and white South Sea to silvery-black Tahitian, are inspiring designers to craft new collections with the pearl as the star. To nail this trend, think classic designs with a twist set in precious yellow or white gold. Pearls as stackable charms for necklaces, or combined with a medallion or collection of beads, are likely to shine through.

Dark Romantic
Drawing inspiration from dark forests, magic and mysticism, this trend blends Art Nouveau inspirations with something altogether darker. Think pointed forms, minimal flowers, twisted branches and mysterious snakes finding their way into jewellery designs. Rather than being caricature, this trend has an overall sophisticated and elegant flair, with designs that climb up the ear and swirl around fingers and wrists in gunmetal and shimmering diamonds. Expect to see double finger rings, elongated shapes and spiky earrings especially.

Discover a mix between Art Deco styling from the 1920s and the Optical art of the 1960s with this striking trend that’s centred on black and white, whether in the form of metals, diamonds or enamel. The Op-Coding theme is all about geometric patterns, pixelated effects and sharp contrasts, so expect to see white diamonds artfully placed on black enamel to create digital patterns. Silhouettes are minimal and simple, with a futuristic edge.

Constellation Collective
The space trend has been evident at all major fashion weeks, from designer brands like Alberta Ferretti to Alexander Wang and Givenchy. Stars, moons, planets, flying saucers and constellations will all be captured in sparkling diamonds, especially fancy-cuts and shapes. Metals will only exist to prop up diamonds, so expect to see simpler, highly-polished settings that lend themselves perfectly to heirloom treasures.

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