TRENDS: A tale of two Kates and their gold rings.


Natasha Sherling on a return to the demure in consumer choice.

By Natasha Sherling

After the much-publicised wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William, most people are now aware that she wears a plain band of Welsh gold (while he wears nothing at all).

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And thanks to a tabloid-picture frenzy after her wedding last weekend, we now know that the second famous Kate (that’s Moss for those out of the loop) to be wed this year has also chosen a plain gold band.

Both trendsetters in their own right, they appeal to a different demographic – and it will be interesting to see how their everyday, essential jewellery choice might filter down to women choosing their own wedding bands.

In past years, most likely due to an increase in disposable income, there has been growing interest in full diamond bands – previously considered only as ‘eternity’ rings – to symbolise a marriage. But now, as we creep out of a recession that has left the average customer with a generally smaller budget than a few years ago – and face into a style decision set by two of Britain’s most famous brides, will the plain gold band once again get a look-in?

Women polled by this author were divided when asked – although answers were in fact skewed towards something plain. Those who liked the diamonds just loved the look – but for those to whom a plain band was important, they felt that nothing else symbolised a wedding ring.

“The only reason for someone to wear a plain band is marriage”, said one. She continued that diamond bands could be for babies, for anniversaries, or for any other celebration. But the fact that a plain gold could only be for marriage made it all the more special.

So as symbolism and sentiment seem to make a return, reverting to tradition could yet be on the cards – and surprisingly, led by those considered right on the edge of high fashion and style.

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