A closer look at Swarovski's key bridal trends shaping design in 2015.

Swarovski’s GemVisions – The Bridal Book has changed course this year, moving away from a focus on general trends to a detailed concentration on special themes and storytelling. Starting with the perfect engagement ring, The Bridal Book follows four stylish wedding themes dubbed Daydream Princess, Natural Affairs, Urban Minimalist and Cultural Roots, and uncovers the designs, gemstones and precious metals that represents each. 2015’s Bridal Book also addresses the special needs of the modern groom and the rapidly-growing anniversary gifting market. Professional Jeweller presents highlights from The Bridal Book to inspire designers and inform retailers.


A cross between Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, the Daydream Princess bride is focused on traditional symbols of matrimony, including brilliant white, lace and rosy romance. This bride’s colour palette centres on white and cream accented with champagne hues, pretty-in-pink tones and deep reds. White, yellow and rose gold are her precious metals of choice, with necklaces, bracelets, earrings, brooches, watches and tiaras all on the Daydream bride’s shopping list. Vintage-inspired touches of emerald green and splashes of ‘something blue’ sapphire complete this bride’s overall aesthetic.

Wandering down the aisle draped in flowers and barefooted, Swarovski’s Natural Affair bride gravitates towards a living palette of warm peachy tones, pale pinks, lilacs and accents of green for a stunning floral effect. Watery-shades of aqua mimic the sea for beach brides, while accents of dark blue sapphires mounted in peacock feather designs evoke a Midsummer Night’s Dream quality. Rose gold is highly coveted by the Natural Affair bride, with flower, butterfly and bird-shaped pieces set with pearls, mother of pearl and moonstone high on the agenda.

Chic and utterly simple in style, the Urban Minimalist bride has a beautiful yet edited approach to wedding day jewels. Her pieces shimmer with yellow gold and cold metallic accents in white gold and platinum. Black onyx is popular, adding a dramatic monochrome edge to geometric and architectural designs. Ear cuffs, tiaras and contemporary cuffs and rings are prized by this city bride, who’s also not afraid to adopt a splash of rainbow brights; from fancy pinks to shocking blues.

Inspired by deeply-held cultural notions of marriage, this bridal party has found a balance between contemporary fashion and personal heritage, fusing traditional dress with tanzanite, apatite, white sapphires, diamonds, tsavorites, sapphires and 18ct yellow gold. With the colours of traditional Indian weddings in mind, designers and retailers can seek inspiration from Arabic, Indian and South East Asian patterns, peacock feathers and geometric prints studded with amethysts, emeralds, coral, hessonite and cat’s eye.

The Bridal Book is getting ready for a boom in ‘mengagement’ rings, especially for those gents who want to be perfectly in-synch with their partner. From yellow gold and steel hues to platinum and black onyx; 21st-century grooms are spending big for their big days, with cufflinks, tie pins, watches, money holders, sunglasses, button holes and fancy USB sticks on their shopping lists.

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This Trends feature was taken from the August issue of Professional Jeweller. To read the issue in full online, click here