Fable Trading’s Richard and Sarah Moorfoot comment on recent IP news.

By Richard and Sarah Morfoot

There was some initial confusion around the announcement that Pandora made a payment to Trollbeads in respect of intellectual property rights for past glass bead designs supplied by Trollbeads founder, Lise Aagaard. People were concerned that this would affect the future of Trollbeads.

Of course this is not the case and the whole story has really highlighted the fact that Trollbeads is indeed the original charm bead jewellery brand and that it was Lise Aagaard, who perfected the technique for creating the beautiful glass beads which have made charm bead jewellery famous throughout the world.


Few people in this country were aware that, back in the early 2000s, Pandora’s original owners Per & Winnie Enevoldsen turned to Trollbeads founder Lise Aagaard for her advice and guidance on the creation of glass charm beads, such was her talent and expertise with glass. It’s a really interesting revelation and it adds credence to the fact that Trollbeads is, of course, the true original charm bead jewellery brand.

Trollbeads has been in the UK for seven years now and, despite the tough economic climate, and competition from other brands, the jewellery remains popular with a strong established fan base.

Other brands may come and go but we believe what sets Trollbeads apart from the rest is the quality, the craftsmanship, the history and the story telling behind each piece of jewellery, which is very much a part of its unique appeal.

Lise Aagaards’s love of design and experimentation with glass has made Trollbeads and indeed the whole charm bead concept a global success. Anything less than the original simply won’t do for true aficionados of the brand. Trollbeads is definitely here to stay.

Fable Trading is the official distributor for Trollbeads in the UK and Ireland.