Trollbeads: We’ll never be a corporate giant


family values and quality product development are key, say brand

Trollbeads was the original pioneer of the beads craze that has defined the UK market over the past five years, and while it might have been seemingly outlapped in recent times by superbrands Pandora and Chamilia, UK distributor Fable Trading claims this is a conscious decision.

“When I took Trollbeads to the UK all I was given was some beads and a catalogue, they didn’t even have a logo, I had to make my own,” explained Fable Trading’s Sarah Morfoot, who was named as a Business Big Shot alongside her husband and business partner Richard Morfoot in the Professional Jeweller Hot 100 2011. “Lise [Aagaard, Trollbeads founder] actually told me, ‘Don’t grow the business too fast’.”

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In respect to Aaraard’s wishes and also due to a more limited marketing budget suited to the nature of the family-run business, Trollbeads has developed in a more quiet manner than its rivals.

“If we had employed different tactics we could have been bigger, but that’s not what we wanted,” stated Richard Morfoot. “Our brand has more of a family feel rather than a corporate style.”

Though Trollbeads might not be advertising on buses or TV, it has successfully built its brand through independent retailers and believes that these relationships are vital to its future success. “Independents are independent for a reason and we support that,” said Sarah. “The tide is turning and retailers no longer want to be told what to do.”

Trollbeads has also just signed a deal to enter all of Beaverbrooks stores and is also now selling through John Lewis.

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