Collection made through sustainable workshops in African country.

Danish bead brand Trollbeads has launched a new collection of colourful beads, made especially for the brand by African artisans in Malawi.

The new range, called Malawi Universal Uniques, were designed by a self-sustainable workshop in Malawi where a group of young people were trained by Trollbeads founder Lise Aagaard.


The group is now running their own flourishing business, designing glass beads for collectors across the world.

These glass beads are crafted with a larger central core allowing them to be worn on many different brands of bracelets and chains, which the brand says should make them attractive to a wider audience.

Trollbeads set up the Malawi project in late 2010, providing financial backing and training for a group of young people to learn the artistry of crafting glass beads and the practicalities of how to run a successful jewellery business, including supply-chain management, production, design and marketing.

Today their local operation employs around 12 people and is on the way to becoming completely self-sustainable.

The range is available through Fable Trading Ltd, Trollbeads sole UK and Ireland distributor.