Danish charm bracelet brand Trollbeads has announced that UK designer Amanda White won its annual People’s Bead competition.

For the seventh year in a row, Trollbeads invited people from around the globe to design a new bead and have their personal story become part of the ever growing collection of beads and stories behind the designs.

Entrants were invited to design a bead sharing their passion. The entries showed that there can be a passion for almost everything – from cooking and books to angels and stars.


The design that won the most votes was created by UK entrant Amanda White and it celebrated travelling – especially to tropical places.

With several thousand entries White was thrilled to have been chosen as the winner with her Tropical Travels bead.

Born in Buckinghamshire, UK in 1976, the same year the Trollbeads story began, White is already a collector of the jewellery brand and is looking forward to seeing her design become part of the ever growing Trollbeads range.

White says: “Since discovering the world of Trollbeads, it’s been my dream to have one of my designs featured in the collecton. I am absolutely delighted to join the Trollbeads family as one of their designers. I feel privileged, proud and honored. Thank you for making me part of this beautiful and intriguing world of wearable memories.”

White is a creative artworker by trade and has many personal interests including nature, design, photography and exploring new destinations. She looks forward to annual holidays and her love of nature often draws her attention to flowers. In her everyday life, White is inspired by experimenting with colour and texture.

Commenting on her design, White adds: “My love of nature and exploring new destinations inspired me to design this bead. Whenever I travel I always discover something new. On one particular vacation I found myself walking through a tropical garden. The array of flowers and foliage fascinated me. I was drawn to the plumeria (frangipani) and the hibiscus flowers. They were in full bloom. The vibrant colours and delicate petals left a lasting memory.”

Tropical Travels, the People’s Bead designed by Amanda White, will launch in stores and online on October 9.