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UK employment drops to lowest figure in over a decade


More than 700,000 Britons have become unemployed since lockdown began, according to data released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) today.

July unemployment statistics suggest that around 730,000 fewer people have a job than in March of this year.

This marks the largest quarterly increase in unemployment figures the UK has seen in 11 years, with both men and women affected.

The ONS did note that part-time workers, self-employed people and over-65s were the worst hit demographics, with full-time employees “largely offset[ting] the decrease”.

Meanwhile, hours worked has continued to hit record lows for both the year and the quarter, while around 7.5 million Britons are estimated to be temporarily away from work, largely due to the furlough scheme.

Of the 7.5 million, almost half are away from work for three months or more, with the youngest and oldest workers most likely to be temporarily out of work.

Around 300,000 were temporarily away from work in June due to the coronavirus pandemic with no pay.

After significant decrease and record lows from April onwards, the ONS also reported the beginnings of growth in the number of job vacancies and also overall pay.



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