A scene from the Boticca Valentines infographic that can be found on its website.

Average spend is £118 but 86% are for non-committal jewellery.

Male shoppers in the UK are the fourth highest spenders on Valentine’s Day gifts, online jewellery retailer Boticca has found after a global survey of its customers.

Men spend an average of £118 on a gift for their loved ones to celebrate February 14, which was only beaten in the survey by the Far East at £173, Spain at £151 and France at £120.


Lower on the list were the US at £107, the Middle East at £106, Australia and New Zealand at £94, Canada at £87, Holland at £82, Italy at £62 and Germany at £59.

The survey of Boticca customers also found that the most popular gift for Valentine’s Day was earrings, with 31% of those asked saying that this is what they would buy. This was followed by bracelets at 26%, necklaces at 21%, rings at 14%, clutch bags at 5% and scarves at 3%.

While jewellery is obviously high on the wish list of shoppers at Boticca, which sells fashion accessories as well as jewellery, 86% of men surveyed said that they would be buying non-committal pieces of jewellery rather than engagement rings.

Boticca chief executive and co-founder Kiyan Foroughi said: “With a truly global customer base spread across North America, Europe and Asia and the Middle East, we are uniquely positioned to look into various regional spending habits when it comes to gifting for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day.

“The results of the data were quite surprising but as one of my Italian team members says – ‘it’s not about how much you spend but what you spend it on that counts’.”

Boticca has created an infographic picturing the details of its survey, which can be found on its blog.