Police travel to Germany to pick up last member of gang.

English police are flying over to Germany today to extradite a man who is a suspect in a seven-year-old robbery case involving Berry’s in Leeds.

The jewellers was raided on August 6, 2005, in what was believed to be just one of a £1 million string of robberies carried out by an international gang of armed raiders. At Berry’s the gun-toting gang smashed a window display and escaped with £92,000 of Rolex and Cartier watches.


The gang, which was based in Estonia, worked by recruiting thieves – some of who were roped in by falling into debt with the gang and being forced to commit the crime by way of repayment – and sending them across to the UK and other European countries to carry out robberies. The robbers would then fly home again and the jewels would be shipped separately to Estonia.

Janno Heinola, a 32-year-old Estonian man, is the last of the gang to be captured and is currently being picked up by West Yorkshire police from Dusseldorf.