Retailers could be losing business as a result of unhelpful websites, new market research has revealed.

The survey of 1,000 shoppers, conducted by full service e-commerce agency, PushON, found that 49% of people would be more inclined to spend larger amounts online if websites included features and tools that could be used to gather information on products before they buy.

Almost half of consumers (49%) would be more persuaded to make expensive purchases online if websites were more helpful and contained better in-depth product information, according to new research.


The report identified that 52% of surveyed participants think retailers should invest in technology that enables a better omnichannel experience while 16% believe the checking-out process is too long-winded.

Sam Rutley, managing director of PushON, said: “Retailers need to be investing in their websites to ensure they can offer the same level of service and information shoppers would get in store – perhaps by updating sites to include interactive 3D images of products or representations of how they will look in situ.

“This will go a long way towards increasing consumer buying confidence as customers will be able to get a real feel for what the product actually looks like in real life, meaning they’ll feel comfortable spending more online.”