Spanish jewellery, watch and fashion giant Uno de 50 has confirmed its first store opening in the UK will be in April on London’s prestigious Regent Street.

The brand signalled its intention to expand into the UK with a debut appearance at February’s Jewellery and Watch Show in Birmingham where it reported strong inquiries from independent jewellers across the UK.

The opening of a flagship store will be seen by potential retail partners as a massive statement of intent, which is certain to encourage many of them to work with the jewellery brand.


It will also allow Uno de 50 to create a visual story for the brand from which its retailers in other parts of the country can draw inspiration.

According to today’s London Evening Standard, Uno de 50 has signed a 10 year lease with Regent Street owner Crown Estate.

The lease is on number 143, where Uno de 50 will rub shoulders with major fashion brands including Timberland and Karl Lagerfeld; and just up the road from the new Watches of Switzerland emporium.

Regent Street was chosen because of its global reputation for quality, heritage and style and success, Jose Azulay, owner and president of Uno de 50, told the Evening Standard.

UNOde50 was founded in the late 1990’s by a creative team that wanted to take the spirit of handcrafted designs to a wider audience.

The brand’s name came from its initial strategy to create just 50 pieces of any one design – a plan that hasn’t survived its explosive growth, although there are still some ranges that remain limited to production runs of just 50.

The icon of the Spanish jewellery brand, the small padlock, contains much more than a name. With a rounded shape and a handcrafted character, it was designed to symbolise the protection of exclusive uniquely designed jewellery.

The company operates around 100 of its own stores, mainly in Spain, and through selected retail partners around the world.