UNOde50’s UK and Ireland sales director Emma-Louise Gregory has been busy creating virtual content for retailers working with the Spanish brand – and she’s even taken to modelling its jewellery herself.

Posting a 90-second video clip of her showcasing the company’s latest pieces om LinkedIn and Instagram, Ms Gregory said: “When people ask me why I love my job, the jewellery speaks for itself! UNOde50 literally comes to life when you wear it, hence why I decided to share it with the world by putting it on myself.”

All of the pieces from the company’s core collections that are shown in the video, which can be viewed below, are handcrafted in Madrid.


Speaking to Professional Jeweller recently, company president and creative director Jose Azulay outlined his ambitions for the UK market: The UK is a key market with a lot of potential because consumers like our product and we believe there is a huge market. With the current uncertainty derived from COVID-19 and Brexit, we understand that we must pay special attention to this market.

“We like to work with retailers who are passionate about UNOde50 and love having a unique brand in their store. We are very supportive to our retailers and we always like to welcome new ones to the UNOde50 family. The UK team has highlighted key retailers they would like to work with and have real vision for the future of UNOde50 within the UK.”