Jewellery brand UNOde50 has signed a new three-year distribution deal with Timemark Distribution, covering Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

The brand said that the deal will vastly improve the availability of its products across the countries.

The deal with Timemark, led by Noël and Keith Wall, will be a three-year minimum distribution agreement.


A statement from UNOde50’s Javier Gala read: “Timemark and UNOde50’s strategic core objective is to develop a strong qualitative and selective network of retailers that will maximise both the consumer reach to UNOde50 and individual performance of each retailer with the brand.”

It also revealed that Timemark will act as the primary interlocutor on behalf of the brand, addressing any request of retailers in the territory.

UNOde50 concluded by clarifying that it will be on hand to answer any questions from retailers regarding the change and transition period.

The brand was founded in the late 1990s in Madrid by José Azulay. It specialises in original designs for men and women in limited-edition runs.