Five of Europe’s most keenly-anticipated new jewellery designers are to present their latest collections next week at a project event in Vienna.

The groups behind the project, talent supporter Fab Atelier and global jewellery consultancy Adorn Insight, say the project is the first of its kind and will be a “game changing initiative that is set to reinvent the jewellery market through its support of emerging talent and sustainable production”.

The collaboration between the two bodies begun last year and brought the Jewellery Mentoring Program to the UK.


The collaborative initiative was created to introduce designers who are yet to establish their brand in the marketplace.

The concept sees designers throughout Europe invited to submit their jewellery designs to the Fab Atelier website and five successful designers win a year’s one-to-one mentoring from Adorn Insight.

During this time each individual’s commercial objectives – from collection design to marketing and branding  – will be pinpointed and worked towards.

From Fab Atelier, the designers receive support in financing, production management, PR and sales.