Industry professional Raoul Sagal has unveiled Urband London, a new brand set to land in the UK soon.

After a long career in the international luxury jewellery market, Raoul Sagal, has founded and designed jewels for his own brand – Urband London.

His attention to details, aesthetics, passion and hard work form the foundation for his debut collection of bracelets.


The initial offer combines the old with the new – the classical wristwatch band with contemporary innovative designs. Crafted in stainless steel, high quality bracelets with original patterns provide consumers with a trendy waterproof and scratch-resistant piece of wristwear with no clasp.

Sagal shares: “I design all our patterns – our designs are original and handcrafted with love at our studio in London. Inspired by art, architecture, photography, music, travel, people and urban lifestyle. During the last two years I have been developing, shaping and testing the collection and now we are ready to grow and start collaboration with retailers.”

The bracelets are made of sustainable quality stainless steel in two finishes – polished and metallic.

Each piece is available in five standard sizes from extra-small to extra-large, all at a width of 18mm.

In the coming months Urband London will introduce a narrower (10mm width) version of the bracelets.

Prices range from polished at RRP £29.90 to metallic finish at £34.90.

The bracelets are presented in a striking display unit and provided with a gift box.

Take a look at the debut jewels below: