Citrus-hued stones debuted at last week’s World of Gems Conference.

Michigan-based business The Yellow Emerald Mining Company has launched a branded gemstone to market, dubbed Emeryl Jewelstone, unveiled at last week’s World of Gems conference near Chicago.

Patrick Coughlin, founder of the company, said the stones – essentially vibrant yellow beryls – will be hitting the market in the next few weeks.


The Emeryl stones have a yellow to gold colour, with some exhibiting green hues. The stone is a natural beryl, with properties similar to green emerald, but with traces of ferrous iron which have helped determine its yellow colour.

The stones are also said to be eye clean, with fewer inclusions than emeralds.

The Yellow Emerald Mining Company said: “Gemstones with inclusions have a tendency to be more fragile, with a risk of breakage. Emeryl Jewelstone natural gemstones come with an unconditional two year warranty, which no other distributor offers – even if a jeweller damages the gemstone during the setting process, yellow Emerald Mining Company will replace it at no charge.”

The company has sourced the stones from a mine in the mountainous Minas Gerais region in Brazil. The gemstones are the hand-cut in Governador Valadares and are said to have a brilliance akin to yellow diamonds.

Coughlin said: "Production has been very limited in the last three years setting up the mine, but now we have the people and equipment in place for a medium-scale production, making more gemstones available to independent jewellers around the country to offer their customers something very different, new and exciting, not to mention affordable.”