Shoppers visiting the UK from the US increased their spend by 30% this March, compared to the same time last year.

According to Global Blue, US citizens are visiting the UK to shop, rather than to explore the culture, with British brands being the order of the day.

Quintessentially British brands are a huge draw for American shoppers with spend share being highest amongst British fashion and clothing brands.


This places British jewellery brands in a strong position to capture a share in the American tourist market.

Global Blue managing director for the UK & Ireland, Derrick Hardman, shares: “This 30% boom in spend is due to several factors both in the UK and the US, combining to make the UK a particularly desirable location for Americans to shop. One factor driving the increased visitor numbers is the strength of the dollar to the weaker pound, allowing US shoppers to make their money go further on British soil when shopping tax free. Our Insights reveal that American shoppers spend an average of £930 per tax free transaction, demonstrating that US visitors aren’t afraid to spend big during their time in the UK. Lower cost flights between the US and Europe are also a contributory factor.”

Global Blue believes the Meghan Markle Effect has contributed to a growing desire for Americans to own British brands.

The Duchess of Sussex often wears clothes and accessories from British designers, and therefore amplify a desire for fellow Americans to wear British brands too.

Hardman shares: “The ‘Meghan effect’ has contributed to the growing desire for British brands amongst US visitors. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex provide the perfect combination of a British royal and US celebrity and as such, royal engagements amplify desirability to purchase luxury British brands worn by Meghan.”