Ute Decker to exhibit at architecture festival

Architectural jeweller will display her pieces from June 25 to July 4.

Ethical designer Ute Decker will be displaying her architecturally inspired jewellery at the London Festival of Architecture this month.

The designer describes her pieces as less re-interpretations of actual buildings than major pieces of ‘jewellery that can be inhabited’ influenced by architectural forms.

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In showcasing her jewellery at the event, Decker aims to invite the viewer to consider the environmental and social impact of jewellery.

Whilst this debate has been ongoing in architecture and urban planning, it remains a relatively new forum for discussion in the jewellery industry.

Decker’s wearable sculptures, made from recycled silver, will be exhibited as part of a group exhibition, alongside architecturally informed works by painters, photographers, textile artists and ceramicists.

There will be pieces available for sale at the event, which takes place from June 25 to June 4 at The Outside World Gallery, 44 Redchurch Street, London.



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